Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kids off to Surf Camp!

We have hit the mid-summer mark here on the Outer Banks. Everyday is wonderland. Still, we are Surfer Mama and her three "chitlins and bambalams" - which means 4 rather large personalities living in the space of a squirrel nest. (Our cottage is cozy.) And everyday is a beach day, why just today we rode our bikes to our beach - boogie boards on the rear ramps, beach chairs balanced on the handlebars, towels around our necks, and always, a basket crammed with cool drinks and snacks. We limped, dripping with sweat and close to having vapors, to a space to call our own on a relatively crowded beach. Set up, then hit the surf to cool our brains. The water a balmy 78 degrees. The boys caught a few good waves, Ellie drifted off to say hello to her girlfriends, and I took a big deep happy breath, fell back to float and stare up into the clouds. Wait a minute, why are they black? Within minutes, rolling thunder and we were evacuated off the beach!

All a windy way to say perhaps a little structure along with the R & R will be a good thing. Tomorrow, all three kids (11, 9 and 7 years-old) hit surf camp with a bunch of local kids, thanks to our friend and owner of a local bike shop. We are frequent customers. For 3 hours over 3 days, our country horse-riding rubes will try their hands at the sport of Queens! They are going into it with customary gusto - Jack told me today that he's a lot like Spiderman, riding the ocean waves with bike-crashing road burn without it hurting one bit!

Time will tell, as will the photos that I will surely post, but I have a feeling Surfer Mama will soon be having the nicest company, out there in the deep blue ...

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